110-point inspection

Every Audi Approved used car must pass a comprehensive 110-point inspection. An Audi technician makes separate mechanical, bodywork, interior and exterior checks, conducts a full road-test and prepares a detailed report confirming every part is checked and OK.

Complete peace of mind

At Audi, we know every detail about every premium used car we sell. We were there when it was designed, when it was built and when it was sold. So, only we can guarantee its current condition with absolute certainty. Simply put, there is no safer way to buy a premium used Audi.

History & Milage Check

Rest assured that the Audi you buy will have a clean, transparent record and independently checked mileage.

A minimum of 12 months-warranty

With an Audi Approved used car, you will get the peace of mind that comes with a minimum of 12 months-warranty.

High Standards

All cars have to meet our meticulous standards before they reach the showroom. All Approved Used Audi vehicles undergo a comprehensive series of stringent tests and inspections, allowing you to buy with peace of mind.

Get your dream car

Get behind the wheel of the Audi that's been on your mind from the start. By purchasing an Audi Approved vehicle, you'll have the chance to get into your ideal model at an exceptional value

Rest Assured

Before we sell any car in the Audi Approved :plus range, we ensure it’s in perfect condition. We only select the best, evaluating the cars carefully and making sure they’ve had regular services. Each car must also pass our comprehensive 110-point Safety and Mechanical inspection, so only the best get through.

  • Comprehensive 110-point inspection
  • A minimum of 12 months-warranty
  • Transparent record and independently checked mileage.